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Random matched American Oak veneer

As is the nature of natural timber, timber veneer varies in colour, tone, and pattern depending on its source. Within each species of timber, a variety of colours can be found. American Oak is a popular veneer whose appearance can range quite significantly in colour. To account for variations in American Oak our team can 'random match' different tones together to achieve a cohesive veneer panel.

The below shows three examples of random matched American Oak veneer. To learn more about veneer matching please speak with our team.

Random matched American Oak quarter cut veneer

This American Oak quarter cut timber veneer ranges slightly in tone from light, olive to pale brown. By random matching (also known as mismatching) these veneer leaves, a cohesive ‘random’ colour pattern is created.

Random matched American Oak crown cut veneer

This American Oak crown cut timber veneer is consistent in colour but not in grain. Crown cut veneer is well known for its signature ‘growth ring’ pattern however, the pattern can be quite repetitive slip matched over a large span. Random matching (also known as mismatching) is a popular layout for crown cut veneer.

By random matching these veneer leaves, a cohesive ‘random’ pattern is created.

Random matched American Oak crown and quarter cut veneer

This American Oak veneer panel combines both crown and quarter cut timber veneer. The leaves range in tone from golden, to pale brown and mid-brown. The grain patterns vary too, with the quarter cut veneer signature linear lines and the crown cut veneer signature growth ring grain.

By random matching these veneer leaves together, a cohesive ‘random’ pattern has been created. Deliberately showing off the different tones and grains.

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Timber veneer matching

Once cut, the way you select and match timber veneer leaves onto a substrate can create a variety of visual effects that can enhance your project designs. Each leaf varies slightly but belongs to a family of leaves, which then allows for different ways of matching them. The gradual change of the grain through each tree gives veneers their subtle variations – and makes matching them for each project a highly skilled role. Some of the commonly used timber veneer match types are described below.

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