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Bending Plywood ‘Bendy Ply’

Bending Plywood, also known as Bendy Ply, Flexible Plywood or Flexi Ply, is lightweight, non-structural plywood that can bend and curve around a tight radius while remaining stable and easy to handle.

It is available in two sheet types that bend following the direction of the grain. ‘Long grain’ bends along the length of the sheet and ‘short grain’ across the width of the sheet. For example, ‘Long grain’ sheets can be rolled up to create a vertical column 2440mm high, and ‘short grain’ can be rolled up to create a shorter and wider column 1220mm high.

Both 5 and 8mm bending plywood is made up of a 3 ply construction. Starting with a thin center core and adding two thicker surface veneers, with a B grade face and back and an interior glue line.

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Product specifications

Recommended application: Columns, furniture, desks, general shopfitting, motor home and caravan interiors.

Environmental Information

This product is available as FSC or PEFC certified on request (subject to market availability). Please notify us when placing your order.

Important notice

Plywood is a natural wood product that can be affected by ambient weather conditions which may cause sheets to bow. At Bord, all precautions are taken to ensure flatness at time of dispatch. Once plywood has left our factory we cannot guarantee sheets will remain flat unless fastened. This is particularly important for non-fastened cabinet doors.

About Plywood

Plywood is a sheet building material used in construction and furniture making. It is a man-made product, made by glueing thin layers of wood veneer together. There are a number of plywood varieties. Most plywood is graded from A to D. An A grade is appearance grade and free from surface defects. Whereas a C/D grade has flaws and is generally used for structural applications. As one of the leading commercial plywood suppliers in Melbourne and Australia, we pride ourselves on being experts in plywood and can provide professional advice to ensure you have the right product for the job.

Price list

Long grain 2440 x 1220 mm 5 mm $21.40m2
8 mm $29.50m2
Short grain 1220 x 2440 mm 5 mm $21.40m2
8 mm $29.50m2
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