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Laminate and Melamine

Both laminate and melamine are strong and durable building materials. As a decorative veneer, laminate is available in an almost unlimited range of colours, textures and grains. It is commonly used for exterior cabinet surfaces such as doors or table tops. In comparison, melamine is a commodity product and is available in a small range of basic colours. Melamine is commonly used for the structural construction of cabinets or furniture where the material is not seen. As one of the leading suppliers of laminate and melamine sheets Melbourne & Australia wide, we exercise strict quality control on all of our products. Choose from our modern colour palette, inspired by the latest kitchen and design trends from around the globe. Our range includes solid colours, patterned finishes and wood grain designs.

What are laminate and melamine?

Laminate and melamine are both resin coated paper sheet building materials. What differentiates them is the substrate that the melamine paper is adhered to. Melamine is a resin coated colour or patterned paper. When melamine paper is bonded directly to a substrate such as particleboard or MDF, it is known as melamine board. Because melamine is made from either particleboard or MDF with a bonded melamine surface, it is able to be used in a multitude of applications. In contrast, laminate is a veneer with a thin resin backing. To make laminate boards, melamine paper is bonded to a resin backing. This backing can then adhere to a variety of substrates depending on its intended use.

Laminate vs melamine sheets

Laminate is generally not attached to wood and comes in three grades: general purpose, vertical surfacing and post-forming. General purpose is commonly used for countertops; vertical grade laminate is generally used for cabinetry or other surfaces that don’t sustain direct wear and tear; and the more malleable, post forming laminate is used for curved or rolled applications. Whilst laminate costs a little more than melamine, it is more resistant to moisture, chemicals, heat and force. However, working with laminate takes skill and more specialised machinery than building with melamine. Melamine is a great choice for internal cabinetry, draws and shelving. The moisture- resistant variety can be used in high moisture areas such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, while standard melamine can be used in applications such as shop fitting.

Laminate and Melamine Melbourne & Australia wide

After the delivery and installation of our laminate or melamine sheets, keeping them clean is easy. These products provide a durable, hygienic and low maintenance solution for vertical surface elements. To keep them looking pristine, simply wipe them down regularly with a damp cloth. If you need to remove stubborn grime or grease, wipe with diluted vinegar and water or light surface spray such as Windex spray cleaner or Ajax Spray n Wipe. It is important to spot test your cleaning products on the surface before cleaning. Please note that cream cleansers, bleach or abrasive cleaners may irreversibly damage the laminate surface.To avoid permanent marks it is crucial to treat any stains as early as possible, wiping it down with hot soapy water first. If you need expert advice for your next project, whatever the size, speak to a member of our expert team.

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Laminate and melamine