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Upgrade your next project with our Stainless Steel Laminate. This versatile decorative finish offers a sleek and modern brushed metallic look that's both highly durable and easy to maintain. Whether you're creating kick boards, cabinetry, or furniture, our Stainless Steel Laminate is the ideal choice.

Our 0.8 mm sheets are available in a large size of 3050 x 1220 mm, making them perfect for laminating onto a variety of substrates such as MDF, Particleboard, Plywood and other Surfaces. And with their moisture and heat resistance, our Stainless Steel Laminate Sheets are also suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Choose our Stainless Steel Laminate for a stylish and reliable finish that will elevate your project.

Pre-laid Stainless Steel Laminate sheets also available from Bord Products.

Important notice: All wood-based panels are by nature potentially subject to bowing, cupping or warping following application of timber veneer. Read our panel manufacturing guidelines to learn more.

Product specifications

Recommended application: Shopfitting, joinery, kickers, storage and shelving, furniture manufacturing and more.

About Laminate and Melamine

Both laminate and melamine are strong and durable building materials. As a decorative veneer, laminate is available in an almost unlimited range of colours, textures and grains. In comparison, melamine is a commodity product and is available in a small range of basic colours. As one of the leading suppliers of laminate and melamine sheets Melbourne & Australia wide, we exercise strict quality control on all of our products. If you need expert advice for your next project, speak to a member of our expert team.

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