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Among wood veneer sheets, timber veneer is a very popular choice thanks to its versatility and beautiful finish. When used in furniture or interiors, veneer has all the beauty of natural timber with enhanced durability and strength. And, once glued to a substrate, timber veneer sheets are not as prone to warping or splitting like natural timber is. You can use timber veneer in a huge number of functional and design-driven ways to create a warm and pleasing ambience. Bord Products are leading timber veneer suppliers Melbourne and in Australia, manufacturing and supplying quality wood veneer sheets for a wide variety of applications. Choose from our wide array of cuts and species for delivery of quality timber veneer Melbourne and Australia wide.

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What is timber veneer?

Timber veneer is thin slices of wood that are generally glued on to core panels (called substrates) to create flat sheets. These sheets are then used to manufacture doors, cabinets, wall panels, joinery and furniture items. Because timber veneer is shaved from a tree trunk, it is a very efficient use of our natural resources. In comparison to solid timber, one single log can provide meters of timber panels. Depending on the angle that the trunk is sliced, the natural growth rings will show a variety of grain patterns and features. We know these different slicing methods as the crown, quarter or rotary cut. Timber veneer sheets can be finished using most regular finishing lacquers and stains for wood. All products that we process at Bord are manufactured for each customer’s unique specifications.

Choosing wood veneers

There are many factors to consider when choosing wood veneers for a project, including appearance and application. When we talk about appearance, this refers to the aesthetics, colour, grain and pattern of the veneer boards. We have a number of species available for purchase, and each timber species has its unique characteristics . To ensure that your desired outcome is achieved once the final laying of the panels is complete, order some of our free samples to help you visualise the end product. Regardless of where you plan to apply the veneer boards, be sure that it's away from exposure to moisture, direct heat and heavy foot traffic. You also need to consider the substrate or material that will be used underneath the boards such as plywood, MDF or particleboard.

Timber veneer Melbourne & Australia wide

The Bord Products advanced manufacturing facility in Melbourne produces quality timber veneer and laminate panels, and we continue to be one of the leading timber veneer suppliers Melbourne has to offer. In fact, we’re one of the most efficient, volume producers in Australia, producing an extensive range of custom sizes and thicknesses to suit almost any project-specific application. If you need a panel product that we don’t produce, we can source them, and have them delivered to you when and how you need them. Whether its speciality products, plywood, substrates, reconstituted veneers or edging we can source what you need from the best producers across the globe. For your project, whatever the size, speak to a member of our expert team.

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