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The Osmo Hand Pad Holder is an essential tool for a flawless application of Osmo Polyx®-Oils. With dimensions of 85 x 135 mm, this pad holder is designed to be used with the green (light sand), red (abrasive scrub), and white (buffing/polishing) Superpads, which can be easily attached to achieve the desired finish. When paired with the Osmo Oil Finish Application Fleece, this pad holder provides an effortless application of Osmo wood finishes.

This versatile pad holder can be used for a variety of applications, including:
• The application of Osmo base coats on timber flooring
• Intensive cleaning of timber flooring and decking
• Application of coloured oils to timber furniture to achieve an even finish
• Buffing of Liquid Wax Cleaner into timber flooring, bench tops, and furniture

Invest in the Osmo Hand Pad Holder for a professional and efficient application of your Osmo wood finishes.

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