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Fire Rated MDF Group 2, also known as Fire Rated MDF (FR MDF), is a specialised panel product made from high-density wood fibres that have been combined with a fire-retardant additive and pressed into a board. With its fine sanded surface and screwable core, FRMDF is a reliable and consistent material that provides excellent dimensional stability and strength.

FRMDF is designed to provide fire resistance and safety in a variety of applications, and is certified to reach BCA Fire Hazard Group 2. It has excellent fire retardant properties, maintaining them even after cutting and sanding. Unlike other fire-retardant materials, FRMDF does not require any special edge treatment to maintain its fire-retardant properties.

In addition to its fire-resistant properties, FRMDF provides excellent sound insulation, making it a popular choice for use in recording studios and soundproof rooms. Its smooth and even surface makes it ideal for painting, veneering or laminating to create a beautiful finished product. FRMDF is an ideal choice for use in applications where fire safety specification is required, such as in commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Important notice: All wood-based panels are by nature potentially subject to bowing, cupping or warping following application of timber veneer. Read our panel manufacturing guidelines to learn more.

Recommended Applications

Interior applications where BCA rating is required, including interior wall and ceiling panelling, cabinetry, and furniture. FRMDF can be surfaced with timber veneer, paint, paper, vinyl, foils, High-Pressure Melamine, and Low-Pressure Melamine Laminates.

FRMDF should not be used in close proximity to fireplaces or heaters, in external or structural applications nor used or stored in proximity to water, damp or high humidity areas such as showers. The fire retardant materials and dyes in the board may, in exceptional cases, affect certain glues or paints. Always perform a test before use.

Group 2 Fire Certificate process

Please note, we have updated the Group 2 Fire Certificate process for Flameblock® FRMDF. Instead of generic certificates, each Flameblock® sale will come with a unique Certificate Number. If you require a copy, please contact us.

For specifiers, architects, and designers, a unique Certificate can be provided for each project. This Certificate Number will be passed through the supply chain, from the fabricator to Bord Products, and to you. When ordering Flameblock®, please use this Certificate Number.

The Flameblock® Certificate is exclusive to Flameblock® FRMDF and doesn't apply to other brands. This change aims to enhance product tracing and compliance with the National Construction Code.

Additionally, note that group numbers in the report only apply to flat, un-slotted, non-routed panels. Please seek the advice of a Fire Engineer Consultant or Building Certifier to advise what Fire Hazard Group Numbers are required for your application.

Download the Product Data Report Here

Download the About & Applications Data Here

Environmental Information

FRMDF has low formaldehyde emissions (E1) and is available as FSC® Certified or PEFC certified on request (subject to market availability). Please notify us when placing your order.

About Raw substrate

Raw substrate is a broad term used to describe panels that include particleboard, fibreboard, plywood and MDF. Raw substrate is structural, and one of the most common building materials for cabinetry, paneling, furniture and joinery. At Bord Products, we import and supply an extensive range of HMR, LDF & MDF board Melbourne wide and throughout Australia from our manufacturing facility. We have boards available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit whatever purpose you need.

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