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Made from thin layers of high-quality, real wood, Birch Multi-layer timber veneer edging is an affordable, easy to install, solution for finishing the edges of veneered MDF or particleboard wood-based panels.

Available in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Simply apply glue to the panel edge and press the edging into place, trimming any excess with a sharp knife or trimmer. The finished edge will have a seamless, professional look that mimics the appearance of a solid timber panel.

Important notice: All wood-based panels are by nature potentially subject to bowing, cupping or warping following application of timber veneer. Read our panel manufacturing guidelines to learn more.

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What is veneer edging?

In the cabinetry and furniture industries edging refers to a narrow strip of veneer placed around the edges of a panel or sheet. Manufacturers use edging (or ‘edge band’) to cover the exposed edges of raw panel substrates such as MDF or particleboard. The benefit of edging is two-fold. First, it’s visually more appealing. Once applied it creates the appearance of a solid material or an illusion of solid timber. And second, as it seals the exposed edge and improves the sheets resistance to moisture and damage.

What is pre-glued edging?

Bord's standard veneer edging has no adhesive backing however, some popular edging is available pre-glued. Pre-glued edging has a heat-activated glue applied to the back of the veneer edge strip for faster application onto substrates.

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