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Introducing Osmo Polyx®-Oil - the original German Hardwax Oil that is renowned for its superior quality and performance. Suitable for use on all types of wooden floors and furniture surfaces, including solid wood, laminated flooring, cork, and unglazed tiles, it is an ideal solution for high-traffic areas due to its water-repellent and dirt-resistant properties. Its natural oils and waxes protect against cracking, flaking, peeling, or blistering, even in high-humidity environments.

With exceptional stain resistance, the finish of Osmo Polyx®-Oil repels stubborn substances such as wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk, and water. Applying it is a breeze, requiring only two thin coats without the need for a primer. The creamy Hardwax Oil penetrates the wood surface, while the waxes form an elastic, microporous surface that shields the wood from external moisture and abrasion.

Osmo Polyx®-Oil's wear resistance surpasses that of traditional parquet seals and varnishes, and it is easy to renovate without sanding. Thanks to its high amount of pigments and oils, it has a high coverage rate, which means it covers nearly double the square meter area of an ordinary finishing system. With fewer coats needed, applying Osmo is quicker, saving you both time and money.

The best part? Osmo Polyx®-Oil ages gracefully, enhancing the beauty of your floors and furniture over time. Its microporous, natural vegetable oils and waxes make it the perfect choice for those seeking a high-quality, long-lasting finish that retains its quality and durability.

0.75 litres covers 9 sqm with 2 coats
2.5 litres covers 30sqm with 2 coats

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