Rock maple veneer edging


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Important notice: Matching veneer is available from Bord. While we endeavour to find the best match, please note that edging, even if the same species, may not exactly match the veneer due to being manufactured at different times.

About edging

In the cabinetry and furniture industries edging refers to a narrow strip of veneer or plastic placed around the edges of a panel or sheet. Manufacturers use edging (or ‘edge band’) to cover the exposed edges of raw panel substrates such as MDF or particleboard. The benefit of edging is two fold. First, it’s visually more appealing. Once applied it creates the appearance of a solid material or an illusion of solid timber. And second, as it seals the exposed edge and improves the sheets resistance to moisture and damage.

Price list

50 linear meters22 x 1.8 mm$118.00 per roll
38 x 1.8 mm$195.00 per roll
100 linear meters22 x 0.5 mm$100.00 per roll
30 x 0.5 mm$130.00 per roll
40 x 0.5 mm$175.00 per roll
22 x 1.8 mm$190.00 per roll
29 x 1.8 mm$250.00 per roll
38 x 1.8 mm$335.00 per roll