Alpine Ultra HMR moisture resistant no formaldehyde MDF

Alpine Ultra HMR is an Ultra High Moisture Resistant Australian Made MDF panel manufactured using I-BOND® MDI resin by Huntsman with No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) and developed specifically for use in areas where moisture may be present. MDI resin increases the strength and durability of MDF and increases protection against thickness swell to create a premium composite panel for demanding conditions. Alpine Ultra HMR has a uniform density, is free of knots and splinters and can be laminated, painted, sanded, cut, drilled and sawn.


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Product specifications

Recommended Application: Outdoor decorative panels such as alfresco kitchens, indoor wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms, window reveals, exterior door skins. Alpine Ultra HMR, as with all wood products in external applications, must be coated on all surfaces and edges with an exterior based system to control both moisture uptake and moisture loss. Alpine Ultra HMR is designed for use in areas that are protected from direct exposure to the weather. 

Environmental Information

Alpine is the first Australian manufacturer to utilize the polyurethane-based MDI (Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate) resin I-BOND® by Huntsman. MDI resin does not contain Formaldehyde of any type. The use of MDI improves indoor air quality and helps meet more stringent regulations for the manufacturing of composite wood-based products. For more information please review the product technical data sheet and material safety data sheet.

About Raw substrate

Raw substrate is a broad term used to describe panels that include particleboard, fibreboard, plywood and MDF. Raw substrate is structural, and one of the most common building materials for cabinetry, paneling, furniture and joinery. At Bord Products, we import and supply an extensive range of HMR, LDF & MDF board Melbourne wide and throughout Australia from our manufacturing facility. We have boards available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit whatever purpose you need.

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2400 x 1200 mm6 mmPOA
9 mmPOA
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