Narrow grain natural bamboo plywood

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Product specifications

Recommended application: Interior use including furniture, joinery, shop-fittings, cabinets

Environmental Information

This product meets GBCA Green Star Office Interiors v1.1 IEQ-11 & IEQ 12, GECA Furniture Fittings and Foam and Ecospecifier GreenTag emission requirements with a Total Volatile Organic Compound Emission Rate: <0.006 mg/m2 /hr and Formaldehyde Emission Rate: <0.005 mg/m2 /hr.

Important notice

Plywood is a natural wood product that can be affected by ambient weather conditions which may cause sheets to bow. At Bord, all precautions are taken to ensure flatness at time of dispatch. Once plywood has left our factory we cannot guarantee sheets will remain flat unless fastened. This is particularly important for non-fastened cabinet doors.

About Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo plywood is a strong building material that has become one of the most important alternatives to hardwoods. Thanks to the fast re-growth of plants, Bamboo plywood is a sustainable, renewable resource. Engineered Bamboo can be divided into two main groups; laminated bamboo and strand woven bamboo. To construct laminated bamboo, strips are glued and heat-pressing so the pattern and characteristics of the bamboo nodes are clearly visible. For strand woven bamboo, the strips are turned into strands and then pressed together. This displays a varied patterned appearance.

Price list

2500 x 1250 mm 0.6 mm $52.00 per sheet
2400 x 1200 mm 0.9 mm $113.00 per sheet
1.5 mm $103.00 per sheet
2.5 mm $123.00 per sheet
4.3 mm $213.00 per sheet
5 mm $135.00 per sheet
6.5 mm $298.00 per sheet
8 mm $314.00 per sheet
12.7 mm $336.00 per sheet
19 mm $409.00 per sheet
25 mm $460.00 per sheet
30 mm $511.00 per sheet
40 mm $651.00 per sheet
3000 x 1200 mm 12.7 mm $458.00 per sheet
19 mm $687.00 per sheet
25 mm $861.00 per sheet
40 mm $1,448.00 per sheet
4000 x 900 mm 25 mm $918.00 per sheet
40 mm $1,448.00 per sheet
Prices are indicative and are subject to change without notice