Black melamine sheets


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Product specifications

Recommended application: Shopfitting, joinery, bench tops, wall panelling, storage and shelving, furniture manufacturing and more.

About Laminate and Melamine

Both laminate and melamine are strong and durable building materials. As a decorative veneer, laminate is available in an almost unlimited range of colours, textures and grains. In comparison, melamine is a commodity product and is available in a small range of basic colours. As one of the leading suppliers of laminate and melamine sheets Melbourne & Australia wide, we exercise strict quality control on all of our products. If you need expert advice for your next project, speak to a member of our expert team.

Price list

MDF2400 x 1200 mm12 mm$20.80m2
MR MDF2400 x 1200 mm18 mm$29.50m2
HMR PB2400 x 1200 mm16 mm$28.30m2
2400 x 1800 mm16 mm$28.30m2
3600 x 1800 mm16 mm$28.30m2
18 mm$30.60m2