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Raw substrate

Raw substrate is a broad term used to describe panels that include particleboard, fibreboard, plywood and MDF. Raw substrate is structural, and one of the most common building materials for cabinetry, panelling, furniture and joinery. It is also one of the cheapest building materials and, though it has a charm, can be quite unattractive as a finished surface. At Bord Products, we import and supply an
extensive range of HMR, LDF & MDF board Melbourne wide and throughout Australia from our manufacturing facility. We have boards available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit whatever purpose you need, and can even cut them to size for you to save you the hassle of cutting them on site.

About raw substrates and MDF

There are a variety of substrate options available for manufacturers. Some substrates are moisture resistant and others fire resistant. When selecting a substrate, manufacturers must assess their intended use and match it with the right product. Because raw substrates are man-made they are uniform in appearance. Unlike timber, their surface is free of knots and grains, making manufacturing easier. Raw substrates are available in a variety of sheet sizes. It is also used as a base for decorative surface finishes such as 2 pack paint, veneer, laminate and melamine. Raw substrate such as MDF is far denser than plywood, which is why they are generally used in the furniture industry where durability is a priority.

MDF board vs. particleboard

When choosing between MDF or particleboard, you’re getting a very similar product, although MDF is much denser and therefore stronger than particleboard. Both products involve toxic chemicals in their production, may expand and crack with exposure to too much moisture and are not traditionally recommended for use as finishing wood products. MDF is ready for a wide range of applications, including laminating, kitchen benchtops, furniture, warehouse racking and pallets. MDF is also a popular choice as a substrate for timber veneers, especially with the rise of fire retardant MDF. It is also a good option when it is desirable for the edges of the board to be moulded and exposed. MDF tends to cost more than particleboard and is considered to be a higher-end material.

Raw substrate Melbourne & Australia wide

Whether you need a flexible particleboard or a durable, moisture resistant MDF board for a damp area, we have the products to suit your needs, at the prices to suit your budget. To help you achieve the best project outcomes for your clients, we work hard to manufacture, source and supply the widest range of quality panel products. And we make sure that they’re delivered on time, and on spec. Contact us today to discuss the supply of high-quality MDF board and have it delivered directly to your work site through our quick, reliable, nationwide delivery service. For your project, whatever the size, speak to a member of the expert Bord Products team.

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