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In the cabinetry and furniture industries edging refers to a narrow strip of veneer or plastic placed around the edges of a panel or sheet. Manufacturers use edging (or ‘edge band’) to cover the exposed edges of raw panel substrates such as MDF or particleboard.

When decorative surfaces such as timber veneers and laminates are pressed onto the flat surface of raw sheets, the edges are left exposed. That’s where this product comes in. It is a trim that covers the raw substrate edge in-between the decorative surface. The benefit of edging is two fold. First, it’s visually more appealing. Once applied it creates the appearance of a solid material or an illusion of solid timber. And second, it makes the building material more durable. As it seals the exposed edge, it improves the sheets resistance to moisture. It also protects the edge from damage such as chipping. Manufacturers apply edging using heat or wood adhesives to make sure it lasts.

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Veneer edging
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